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Ashwagandha Ghee (9 oz) Ashwagandha Oil (4 oz) Ayurbiotic Extract (1 fl oz)
Ashwagandha Ghee (9 oz)
Our Price: $21.99
Ashwagandha Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Traditionally used for promoting ojas, prana, vigor, vitality and male virility. Balances all three doshas, is a nervine tonic, and generally strengthens the nerves and muscles. Helps maintain the vital energy of the body and supports a healthy immune system.
Bakuchi Oil (4 oz) Bhringaraj Oil (4 oz) Brahmi Ghee Nasya (1 oz)
Bakuchi Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Bhringaraj Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Reputed to maintain the tone of the skin. Increases Vata and Kapha. Bhringraj Oil traditionally is massaged into the scalp and feet before bed. Pacifies Pitta. Organic 1 oz
Coloklin Extract (1 fl oz) Dashamula Oil (4 oz) Deep Love (1 fl oz)
Dashamula Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Deep Love (1 fl oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Maintains the normal function of the colon. Pacifies vata and rejuvenates all bodily tissues. Supports emotional well being and promotes clarity and compassion in daily relationships. This is tridoshic.
Happy Tummy (4.5 oz) Heparklin Extract (1 fl oz) Kardovite Extract (1 fl oz)
Happy Tummy (4.5 oz)
Our Price: $14.00

Supports liver function and promotes healthy aging. Increases Vata. Promotes vital life energy and helps maintain healthy heart function. Increases Kapha.
Maha Ganesh Oil (4 oz) Neem Oil (4 oz) Nirgundi Oil (4 oz)
Maha Ganesh Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Neem Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Nirgundi Oil (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Used topically, is said to give strength to weak muscles and joints. A good skin tonic. Nirgundi Oil is a mild topical analgesic, this pacifies vata, relaxes the muscles and helps to induce natural sleep.
Rebirthing Breath Extract (1 fl oz) Shakti Prana (11 oz) Shatavari Ghee (9 oz)
Shakti Prana (11 oz)
Our Price: $29.99
Shatavari Ghee (9 oz)
Our Price: $21.99
Promotes the systems ability to assimilate prana and supports proper function of the lungs and colon. Increases Vata.

Shakti Prana acts as a complete rejuvenative for all dosha types. Increases Pitta and Kapha.

Used to soothe and nourish the reproductive system.
Sidha Soma Oil (1 oz) Super Nasya Oil (1 oz) Sweet Memory Extract (1 fl oz)
Sidha Soma Oil (1 oz)
Our Price: $8.00
Super Nasya Oil (1 oz)
Our Price: $14.00
Helps unblock nasal passages and sinuses. For nasal application, Super Nasya is good for all constitutions. Promotes clarity of perception, conscious capacity and learning ability. Increases Pitta and Kapha.
Tikta Ghrita (9 oz) Triphala Ghee (9 oz)
Tikta Ghrita (9 oz)
Our Price: $21.99
Triphala Ghee (9 oz)
Our Price: $21.99
Supports healthy liver functions. Tridoshic. Detoxifies all 7 dhatus. Tridoshic.