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Ayurveda: A Personalized Approach to Healing Body, Mind & Spirit CD's 2019
Ayurveda: A Personalized Approach to Healing Body, Mind & Spirit CD's 2019
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Intensive yoga classes, raw food, high-intensity interval trends can be both impermanent and ineffective, depending on the individual, proving that "one man’s medicine is another man’s poison". How do you know which foods you should eat and which to avoid? What kind of exercise is appropriate for you as an individual? Is there a personalized path to balanced health, free from the roller coaster of health trends?

Explore subtle techniques for balancing the mind and emotions through meditative practices best suited to each constitution. Discover ways to prevent future-onset diseases by protecting your inherent khavaigunya, that is, weak areas or places where the dormant seeds of disease are lodged. 10 CD's

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