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Healing Psychological Trauma through Mindful Awareness and Self-Inquiry
Healing Psychological Trauma through Mindful Awareness and Self-Inquiry
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Friday: 7-9pm
Saturday: 10-1 and 3-6

According to Ayurveda, every emotion is cellular intelligence, and one should understand one's thought, feelings, emotions as they arise. What is their source or origin? Where do they lead to? Where do they accumulate? This inner journey of emotion has to be understood completely. During that journey, we learn a great deal about ourselves. That very learning is healing. If you just merely label the emotions and suppress them, they go deep down into your organs and connective tissue. Later, they become organ pathology and physical illness. So stitch in time saves nine.

During this weekend seminar with Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician, you will be given tools with which to explore the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your nature (manas prakruti) and examine the current state of your mind (manas vikruti). From this starting point of honest self-inquiry a journey of true healing can begin, and Vasant Lad will guide you using time-tested ways to release stagnant emotions and heal psychological trauma using meditation, pranayama, diet, lifestyle, and other practical techniques that can be incorporated immediately into your daily life.