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Soothing Facial Masque (1.5 oz)
Soothing Facial Masque (1.5 oz)
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Ingredients: Red Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Camphor.

Additional herbs for use depending on dosha or season is:
Anantamul: pacifies vata and is good for skin with wrinkles.
Ashwaganda: is excellent for improving the tone of loose, hanging skin and removing wrinkles.
Dhamasa: is a powerful, penetrating, and fast-acting herb that can help to heal infection.
Manjista: is used for all skin conditions, is tridoshic, and works to open the sweat glands.
Mint: cooling, calming, soothing and particularly good for irritated pitta skin.
Neem: an antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic herbal addition, especially when mixed with turmeric.
Punarnava: literally meaning “again new”, punarnava promotes youthful, renewed- looking skin.
Red Rose Powder: a symbol of beauty, delicacy and softness, rose in its dried, powdered form will make your skin glow.
Tulsi: a very sattvic aromatic that improves capillary circulation and enhances the skin’s glow.